What a month!

November marked the end of my first stage of training towards the GobiMarch. This training stage consisted of over 3k km of trails and endless hours of running. To cap it I raced a couple of races. The first, on November 2nd was a 66km on Sovev Emek 2018, a classic ultrmarathon in Israel, known for the warmth of the organizers, and the volunteers along the aid stations. Felt great before, during and after, so was ready for my 90km stage race (42+24+24) on November 18th.

This race was cancelled… but… Orna Altman, a fellow runner whom I did not know before was not willing to give up the challenge. So she organized a group of runners that wanted to run some stages to put it together anyway. It was only the two of us running the 90km, and different runners joining the stages, all and all no more than 20 people. It was rainy, muddy and cold, probably a very good simulation to multiple stages with very little rest in between. Mind over matter worked, and I was very pleased to complete this.

Now its time to slow down for a few weeks, and then start the long training stretch towards the real thing!

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