Set backs, lessons to learn, and hope

Sometimes you have to simply let it go… of all the runs and the training, got injured while trying to be the best student during a Pilates session, would you believe it? It has been about 6 weeks since I stopped my running training. It all started with a needle pain at the top of my left hamstring – that “bad” pain that signals – “do not run today!”. So I did not. Stopped running for a few days – but it did not really go away… and so this feeling of frustration begins. Tried to do some power walking instead but things only got worse… As someone that runs 5 time a week, adding a Pilates session on top, it is not easy to move to “no training” phase. Especially with the goal I set to myself. Everything changes: schedule, body response to movement, you even miss the post training pain, and most of all- the long hours on the trails. Clearly, I realized, its time to go to a deep-tissue therapeutic massage. And so I did.

“It seems like you injured your Semimembranosus and Semitendinosus, which also affects the Biceps Femporis” she said (for those of you interested in anatomy an image below shows the specs of my damaged machine.). All I could think of is that I could not care less what it is as long as she is right and I can be back on the trails fast. Not surprising, treatments are no fun at all and hurt like hell. But week after week, very (very) slowly my symptoms improved. Slowly I started walking, then power walking, and now power walking for over 40km per week, with some good time on the trails, using some of it to hike with Lilach.

Finally, this week, I will start to train again on a regular and planned manner. The idea is to increase the running portion of each training week by week. Also, every week I will increase the volume of training time and distance. It is a good lesson in being humble, listening to your body and respect the limits. It is also good to learn again how to be patient, accept the set backs as part of the journey, and keep positive. Something to remember during the race this summer.

New photos from past month trails. Do not forget to support: PERTHES KIDS FOUNDATION& Yadid Lachinuch Eng. / עברית




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