15 weeks 2 go, time, time, time…

When I started taking running seriously, I got used to train under any weather and circumstances. Under this change I did in my life, the idea was to avoid giving up training, not letting myself to find excuses for not running. Then, post marathon distances meant training for longer distances at least once a week, with quality training on weekdays.  But, training for 250 km stage race is something completely different.

Now it is all about accumulating time on my feet. So the training becomes a bit more then ‘part of your life”. It is now life itself – on top of demanding work, and the desire to spend enough time with the family. Net training time per week of over 15 hrs became a habit. Wake me up and I’ll dress up and go out for training. So the trails around our place became my second home, night and day.

Luckily, this time of the year everything around is green, and the wheat is high. The green fields open the heart and cure the soul.  So this post photos go to the roads I cover, enjoy – and do not forget to support: PERTHES KIDS FOUNDATION & Yadid Lachinuch Eng. / עברית


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