So what’s the “big deal”? Big plan, small donation

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Thirty (30) days to Gobi March 2019… wow!

So my head deals with “the plan”, how should I handle the race, each day, every moment of it. How to cope with changing circumstances and situations. Trying to predict all the unexpected. As much as I do so I understand that it all comes down to some very basic decisions based on the most important things for me when I first thought about taking part in this race. What really made me so excited about training and hopefully participating in it?

It all started with looking for something exciting that involves running, preferably somewhere I did not been to before. A multi-day ultra-marathon event was on the agenda, since I did want to cover more landscape and be more time outside while doing such a race. Googling things, brought me to the racingtheplanet website, and from there the way quickly indicated the Gobi March is the leading candidate.

So what’s the plan? 1st, Start; I guess this in itself is kind of an achievement, being there after the long training journey. Then, 2nd, Enjoy; why am I here for if not to enjoy the time out there, the unknown land, the heat, the night, the climbs… And 3rd, Finish healthy; critical point, keeping the race in the right proportion, pushing only to the extent that is needed to serve the “enjoy” goal. I bet that if i can only follow these basic rules – it will be a great race!

Will keep sharing the excitement and the preps in following posts…

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Some highlights of the 2018 race:

To follow up the race that starts on July 28th, simply go to the race “results” page, or update from the race IG of 4Deserts and Racing the planet or FB page of the RTP. Some updates may also show up on my personal FB or IG page.


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