This is it… time to go

Time flies, and its time to pack, board the plane and start the final part of this journey. Nothing much to add but the excitement, butterflies in my stomach, much anticipation for this adventure. Can not wait to see the place, smell the air, feel the soil under my feet.

Along the way, Lilach “fed” me with weekly poetry for the journey, and this one came today. In respect to the original written in Hebrew – the original follows the translation (did my best…):

“Successful journey never ends,

the kilometers do.

But time in carved in you,

becomes part of you.

In the end of the journey I do not feel victorious,

rather grateful.

As if the road passed through me, not me in it”

(Abraham Halfi)

מסע מוצלח לא מסתיים לעולם,
הקילומטרים כן.
אך הזמן נשאר חקוק בתוכך
הופך חלק ממך.
בסוף המסע אינני מרגיש מנצח,
אלא יותר אסיר תודה.
כאילו שהדרך עברה בתוכי ולא אני בתוכה.

(אברהם חלפי)

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