When I am 86 y/o

Part of my job (really) is to look far into the future, and try to figure out the world needs, how people will live, the GIGA forces that will shape the human environment. Looking far provides clarity and perspective, and also the space to assume nothing is impossible. In these games, the year of 2050 is often used as a year where global leaders and governments aim with their long term roadmaps. I just realized that this is also the year that I will be 86 years old. And if I do get there (alive…) it means that I outlived my father who passed on January 4th 2020.

When I came back from the Gobi March race in August 2019, I had this deep feeling of unrest. It was not too long that I realized that global sustainability is this bug behind this unrest. Later that year I started working on packaging sustainability strategic projects, to be followed by renewable energy strategies, then food waste reduction initiative, and recently also sustainable sourcing roadmap.

As I was thinking about 2050, and becoming 86 years old some day, it just hit me that people often ask: “what will be left for our children? what world are we handing over to them?”. Then I realized, that I am fortunate. Fortunate to actively contribute to the future of my grandkids that were not even born yet…

So below are some photos from my runs, to celebrate the beauty around us, and to remind us to keep this planet viable and beautiful for us the generations to follow.

See ya on the trails…

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