Antarctica – What a race!

In a little while the ship will enter the Beagle Channel and make its way towards Ushuaia. I have no idea where to start and how to even describe the last twelve days. There will be an extensive post about this later.

Antarctica and the Drake Passage, the beauty, the power, the life, the nature, the people who were by my side, competitors and team alike – it will take a long time to digest and internalize. The snow, the ice, the shaking gusts of wind, step after step, loop after loop. Penguins, albatrosses, seals, whales and orcas. Endless daylight and vast expanses of ice. Some of this in the video below – a detailed post will follow shortly!

None of this would have happened without my life partner, the decipherer of dreams, and especially the one who breathes deeply and flows with my dreams, accompanies and strengthens me with a new and sharp collection of poems every time, the love of my life, Lilach Armony-Shimoni; the children and their loved ones.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported, was interested, and encouraged.
Thanks to everyone who gave good advice on nutrition and recovery, equipment, and much more.
And of course to Pano Kotter who in his special way brought me ready to the starting line.
To the racing life on the way!

On my shoulders at every starting line and finish line of a cross-country race with me the eight-year-old boy that I was.

So until the next race, take another moment and open your heart and hand to accompany more children:
Donations to a friend for education:
Donations to Partes Israel: Tali Ben-Dror 050-2340003

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