Diversity and inclusion in the mix of running, work and democracy

Did you notice the wonder that happens in races? People standing at the start line may come from such a diverse background in their daily life, in international events they may come from different culture, languages and habits. The magic starts along the start line, where one cannot tell who is who. The wonder is what happens during and after the race. The bonding, the giving and the caring for each other, the life long friendships and brotherhood being created. This part, is part of what attracts me to these events, and is one of the most rewarding experiences. All of this happens despite the competitive nature of these events, even at the highest level of the frontline runners.

In my work life, we also talk a lot about diversity and inclusion as essential for success. But often when it comes to strategic decisions, organizations like to produce a monochromatic table for their convenience. Who’s voice is louder at the table seems to be so important in organizational politics: marketing? technology? operations? finance? bizz dev? . The fact that it still happens is a bit imbarecing. Especially while the buzz is about combining cultures, genders, ages, as the key to success. You may hear many excuses “confidentiality”… “most experienced”… “not at the core”… All of this while articles and books have been written about the need to mix disciplines in the drawing of sand dunes.

The dynamism and rate of change in the world require long-term plans on the one hand, with the ability to quickly and flexibly adapt to the circumstances. It requires a different kind of leadership from organizations that want to flourish. A leadership that shares, integrates, in a composition that reflects the same values ​​mentioned before. Leadership that is ready to take decisions, responsibility for actions and execution, and courage to face crises as well as manage long-term processes in short execution cycles. This leadership should give a place to human potential, that goes beyond the defensiveness of the known and experienced into the fog of the unknown. A new territory has never been discovered by those that did not move.

So back to running: this wonder is part of the why. I need a why in my life for the things I do, and this wonder is part of the fulfilling experience, doesn’t matter if in races, work, or even society. These days in Israel, these thoughts and feeling mix, as we strive for leadership that gives a place to human potential, and creates this wonder of bonding, giving and the caring for each other, and builds life long friendships and brotherhood.

Long live liberal democracy.

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