Wet days, cold mornings, great views

Mornings are colder, days are wet, nights are also not getting any warmer as we deep dive into December. With it come long nights and short daylight time, so running on weekdays is always in the dark… All this bring a new, yet familiar, factor into the game. Colder and damp means that my knees are prone to injury, in particular my ITB and the ligaments. I tend to handle the risks by simply making sure my legs are kept warm enough, thus making sure sufficient and efficient  blood flows. At the same time, lousy weather is perfect to be solo on the trails and have them almost only to myself, as most runners/bikers avoid going out there… So my long weekend runs, of 2-3 hrs and beyond are a complete different experience.

Solo on the trails during this time of the year here in Israel is an exceptional experience. in this dense, hectic country, where one hour provide as much new as a whole month in Scandinavia, being on your own is a treasure. Nature is at its best, the green colors regain their dominance in the landscape, and early flowers start showing up. It also drives me to run into the woods, where the wind does not hit hard, and the rain is buffered by the trees. The silence in the woods, the sound on my own footsteps, the small creeks starting to flow again in the pouring rain… all these bring a great peace of mind. Occasionally, I use my mobile and let Neil Young treat me with a few songs.

Once out of the forest, out there in the open fields, the rain and the wind hits you, sometimes hit you hard. Then it is all about keep on pushing, one step at a time. It is all about this “yea I can” psychology. It is about resilience. and the trophy are the great views you collect as you go.

Below are some selected photos from such runs, so before watching them, take some time to learn about PERTHES KIDS FOUNDATION (http://www.pertheskids.org/& Yadid LaChinuch (http://www.yadidla.org.il/) and do not forget to support!

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