Planning ahead, new year is coming!

Time to look back (briefly), and more important – to look ahead!  2018 looks like 3,150 km running (~1960 miles) and about 48,500 m of climbs (~150,000 feet) – winning the title of the most intensive running year I had to date. how did it go?  Well, one step at a time, slow, fast, who cares, as long as you keep pushing forward. These moments when all you think of is about the leaf, this tree, the little rock and the gravel on the trail, a cloud, that bird… chasing these moments needs careful planning, that puts you at the start line of any journey, and certainly helps attending the finish line. To me these moments and this journey are the essence of running. Never been fast runner, just feeling blessed I can do this at all… one step at a time.

This it what it all comes down to – planning. December 2018 means that there are about 7 months to go. Physically, mentally, technically, all aspects should be considered. Milestones on the way are great! running in the dead sea – lowest place on earth, few days south in the desert… running up Mt Hermon – the highest peak in Israel

mongolia planning

Calendar… demanding training plan is tough enough, let alone when it comes with demanding job, and the family you want to be with as much as you can. First rule I made long time ago is ‘make training part of your life’, so I simply set my training time according to other constraints. One other rule is ‘any weather is running weather’ – well… almost, but seriously – I hardly cancel/postpone a run due to weather, just adjust it to the conditions. Clothes, water, food, pace… always try to feel the land and nature around me. selected photos at the end.

Equipment & gear… this is a real drama. While wanting to reduce weight as much as possible, having sufficient equip and food can make a huge difference during the race. Here, I will probably consult with few fellow runners who ran it in previous years. One thing for sure – I’ll carry single portions of my favorite Elite Turkish Coffee.

Books to read & videos to watch, thoughts to hang on while racing? Advice?

Ideas are most welcome!

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